have yourself a merry little christmas

There is something about being Jewish and watching the entire world unfold into a Christmas wonderland during the month of December.  I always wanted a tree.  To me, it has absolutely nothing to do with religion but more of a celebration of the season. Then I married Fred who grew up in a home where Christmas was a big deal.  In our first apartment we had a tree and went ornament shopping.  The next year we threw an ornament party.  We still have those ornaments today.  Here is our tree this year. 

The last decade we have spent traveling during the Christmas season.  This year we took a break from that.  We recently bought a ski house in Utah and decided to spend the holidays at the house with family. 

Secretsanta gift
We each picked a name at Thanksgiving so we each only had one person to get a gift for.  Just a ritual.  It was nice.  I got these three coffees from mine, aka Josh.

I made a traditional Christmas dinner, aka standing rib roast.

and popovers…and they rose!

I miss the big trip but there is always next year.  Sometimes a little change of pace is nice way to celebrate the season. 

To all of you out there…hope you enjoy the end of the year wrap up….how ever you choose to celebrate the season.