Mouth Foods

Craig Kanarick was major part of the first round of web 1.0 in NYC.  He was the founder of Razorfish and he is an artist too.  So when we connected a few months back to talk about his latest venture with his partner, Sam Murray, I couldn't help but get excited.  Also, Craig said something to me that has truly resonated, he said "food is the new black."  I love it….and he is so right. 

Mouth Foods is currently just doing New York Mouth which is the place to find the best artisinal food products in NY (eventually the country).  An aggregation of a variety of interesting products from maple syrup to cracker to coffee beans to tomato sauces to jams and honeys.  They are not only buying the products for their ecommerce site they are creating relationships with the food makers and trying to help them grow.

I have thought a lot about what the opportunities are here. Sam and Craig are seasoned business men, understand how to build companies on the web, are very creative and they LOVE food. 

The packaging is clever. 

Here is the Snack Mouth Taster.  A wonderful treat…and a great gift for someone. 

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