Ringing in 2012

ImagesThe best part of New Years is the shift from one year to the next.  Almost like a birthday.  You have to have it in order to account for time but there is nothing monumental about the evening or day as a whole. 

Maybe it is age, maybe it is a time of my own personal life, but I have begun to enjoy New Years more as I reflect on the past year and think about goals to set for 2012.  I asked Jessica, my oldest daughter, if she had any new years resolutions this year.  I absolutely love what she said.  I always set goals for myself so if anything it is just another reason to reflect on what goals I accomplished and set new ones going forward.  I couldn't agree more. 

I set a series of goals for myself this past summer and have done a pretty decent job of achieving most of them and am really happy with the outcome.  I know the world balance is used way too much but it truly defines what I continue to look for.  I am almost over extended right now and am setting goals on how to say no more often, concentrate a little bit more on myself, enjoy the moment and stop moving at a lightening pace at all times.  Oh, of course there is the addition of losing ten pounds which has been one of my annual resolutions since I was about 15. 

I am excited about 2012.  Am always the optimist.  Lots of exciting things in the pipeline.  I want to wish everyone who has been part of the Gotham Gal community a happy healthy 2012.  Looking forward to hearing from all of you in the year to come.