Trending in food and life style

I think in trends.  I see things and think about where we are going.  I was at the Plaza and began to wonder who was interested in this room for the next generation.  Certainly not me. 

When we were in Israel, we had a travel agent who couldn't have been more helpful.  I never use one but I did in this circumstance because I wasn't so keen about landing in Egypt with no direction.  I cut the itinerary back significantly because what we really like to do is eat, walk, shop, see art and get a feel for the place.  There is no doubt a lot of history and plenty of things that we should see but at one point enough is enough.  I really believe that the more people travel, the more they want to be like a local.  You can see that changing as more travel sites pop up on the web and even the access that the  media provides around the latest restaurant…it is about lifestyle.

Food is changing too.  People want to know what they are eating and they want to be healthy.  It doesn't mean that people won't stop eating steak but they will be more cautious about where it came from and eat less.  Kind of like the Japanese have been eating for years.  Heavy on the vegetables, grains and salads with smaller amounts of fish, chicken and meat.  The explosion of small local purveyors of interesting products is changing the face of food.  Hundreds of years ago we paid a lot more attention to where our food came and food was an integral part of our daily lives.  Sitting down at the dinner table, having friends and family over.  We are beginning to return to those roots.

Look at some of the stuffy places like the Plaza although the food hall downstairs is a blessing to the neighborhood.  Do people who are getting married now or having events really want something that is so old and heavy?  I don't think so.  We have entered a new world.  We are more casual in our daily lives from the way we design our homes to the clothes we put on our body. 

The use of modern technology has allowed all of us to have individual brands.  It has also allowed us to connect with communities across the globe that we feel comfortable with.  It has created an uproar in countries that have been suppressed for decades.  It has created a world of entrepreneurs. 

Just an added note.  I was at an annual doctor appointment and next door happens to be a pediatrician office.  I just poked my head in and noticed that there were 4 men sitting in the office and one woman.  Each man had a stroller in front of them.  Perhaps real partnerships are at work in a very different way for this generation. 

Back to the way we live our lives.  I don't know who runs the Plaza but I think about the food, the way we live and conduct our daily lives and I think someone should truly change that carpet and update the room now.