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I was talking with my friend about how unbelievable it is that a debate over passing a law that the Government would get to decide what goes into any womans uterus gets to the Congressional floor.  How the fuck does that happen? 

We have come so far but we have?  There seems to be a huge disconnect between the reality of where our country is to the politicians who are on the forefront of any media outlet these days.  Religious schools and hospitals should not have to provide employees access to free birth control otherwise it is taking away their religious freedom.  Exactly whose freedom is being taken away?  Mostly men, who unfortunately are the majority in the house and senate are attempting to make these decisions about womens bodies, birth control and their sexual behavior because it is up to them to decide about a womans religious freedom.  It is utterly insane. 

Is it the minor majority making these decisions.  The minor majority to me is a minority of people who just seem to make the most noise.  Perhaps it is to get people to pay attention to their political wrangling, perhaps it is the media just trying to capture more eyeballs but the majority of people in this country take birth control.  Having access to abortion is giving a woman the right to choose.  I'd bet the majority of women that choose to have an abortion is not a decision that comes lightly and to think otherwise is demeaning. More people are becoming single parents, less people are getting married, more families are a combination of multi-races, ethnicity's, sexual preferences not the Ozzie and Harriet family of the 1950s. 

After the very quick reaction from women in this country (and men) when the Susan Komen Foundation pulled their funding on Planned Parenthood that forced them to return the funding within days says to me that most people in this country just don't speak up until we get to the edge of bad change. 

Where did these insanely conservative men come from or at least they appear to be insanely conservative on the front but god knows what they are really like when they close their doors at night.  I just hope that we are beginning to see the last of these mens grasp to force our nation to live under laws that are not in line with how the majority of us live our lives.   Take a look around.  I bet that no matter where you live in this country you know at least one gay couple, one single parent, more than one person over 35 who never got married and I bet all of them are having sex.   Wouldn't it be wise to make sure that everyone had access to birth control and more importantly education about safe sex.  Wouldn't you want that for your daughters or would you rather have a law that they have no choice, no access to birth control and if they got pregnant then the Government would have the right to stick something up their uterus before they had an abortion.  Talk about treating women like secondary citizens.  Preventive measures are best but sometimes shit happens.  Cutting off money to birth control is cutting off preventive measures.

Making sure that all employers have to have insurance that also covers birth control is good for the well being of our society.   The fact that this is even a conversation that is  going on in the year 2012 makes me truly wonder about what other womens rights could be trampled on.  Guaranteed if women were the majority in the Congress and Senate, these conversations would not be taking place and how would all those men like it if we took away their rights.  Let's think what rights we could take away from men. Perhaps someone should see if we could get that conversation about a law taking away certain rights of men to begin on the Congressional floor.  That would be enlightening. 

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