Caroline Hurley

One of the women entrepreneurs I have been speaking to introduced me to Caroilne Hurley.  Caroline is an artist.  I went by her studio to check out her work. 

Caroline grew up in Memphis and came east to go to Rhode Island School of Design.  It was interesting hearing her transition from Memphis to Rhode Island.  Not easy.  She stuck with it and the experience ended up to be a wonderful one but she found herself a little bit like a fish out of water among her peers as many I gather come from the Northeast. 

Being an artist is not easy.  It is hard to make ends meet and practice your passion.  What I really like about Caroline is she is trying to balance that out.  She is selling her paintings but not currently working with a gallery although I pushed her to do that because it really does make a difference. 

She started making beach throws/cover-ups and local shops have been selling them.  She started making jewelry too.  The real thing that keeps her rent paid is she is a nursery school teacher during the day. 

I really enjoyed meeting with her.  Truth is, she is an entrepreneur as all artists are but their product is one that they solely create.  A true life style business.