from a birdseye view

Birds-eye-view-1because of the internet we now watch, read and take in the way people live around the globe.  we are witnessing a shift in how people live their lives aesthetically in all types of design.  we are now intimate with how people live their lives in different parts around the globe.  we are watching a revolution in food from the way eat and the cosmic shift around the desire for healthy locally grown produce.  we are watching new consumer products come to market across the board.  we are starting to return to community life and the important connections around friends and family.  the start-up revolution is not only taking place on the streets of new york but it is taking place on the streets of lebanon, berlin, sweden and japan.  if you pay attention we are witnessing a total shift in every facet of our lives which is just the starting rumble of the very long tail of the internet. 

i sit in a very unique place.  as an angel with really no mission except the utmost desire to invest in mostly women, i see everything.  i meet with consumer product companies, food companies, internet start-ups, restaurants, retail stores and ecommerce platforms.  each time i meet with someone who has sparked my interest i think about the future.  will we see this consumer product be the product that pushes out all the old competitors because it is different, fresh and unique?  is this the future?

we are watching a silent revolution taking place through an army of entrepreneurs that are taking an idea that fills a void, pushes the envelope creating a new integration into our daily lives, a creative new product that is the next stepping stone in the evolution of the food world and all of this is taking place across the globe.  through the internet we are all watching and connecting with each other.  through this there is a community being built globally and we are using each others innovations. 

we all know that the way we lived our lives in the past is not how we are going to live our lives in the future.  it is the technology pushing us further.  it is the demise of our governments who are strapped of cash that is pushing us to change the way we live our lives.  as jobs are lost, we are creating new ones through an entrepreneurial community spirit across the globe. 

not sure what this revolution is going to be called as we are watching it take place right now.  the hipster revolution?  it is a revolution that is a mixture of the 60's and the 90's taking place and emorphing into something unique in itself.  i have to say, i am enjoying the view.