Hudson River Park

ImagesIf you have not been to the west side of Manhattan in awhile, you are missing out on a massive transformation.  $350 million has been pored into the Hudson River Park and it is gorgeous. 

You can drive your bike down the path, you can take a jog, kayak on the waterfront, hit golf balls, play basketball, play soccer, play tennis and of course take your dog to meet other dogs in the dog runs.  There are events over the course of the year that you can attend such as music concerts. 

There are certainly issues that still need to be hammered out such as the use of the piers.  For instance, pier 40 is slowly sinking and how is that fixed has been a conversation through out the community for years. 

We went to the annual fundraiser this past week on Pier 26 located at North Moore Street and the waterfront.  It was pretty great to see the excitement in the room around the park.  After all, it is the park where we all fine refuge from our day to day city life.  I love walking down the waterway at night and during the weekend to see the people and the beat of the park. 

Congratulations to Hudson River Park.  They have come a long way…