25 years and counting

Joanne and fred in maine-1
Today is Fred and my 25th wedding anniversary.  One on hand it is truly hard to imagine that Fred and I have been married for 25 years.  On the other hand, we have known each other for most than 30 years so I shouldn't be so amazed.

If you ask either of us, in our head we still think of ourselves and probably our relationship just as we did 30 years ago.  No doubt alot has changed but at the heart of it we are still the exact same people.  We have the utmost respect for each other when it comes to anything.  We trust each other, we adore each other, we have fun together, we love to do the same things and we challenge each other in a good way. 

Even 30 years ago we still loved to work hard and play hard.  We have created an incredible life for ourselves and our family together.  Our kids are the most important thing and definitely the best venture we ever did together.  We are so close as a unit and it makes life even better.

Being in an industry together has been a great thing for us.  It gives us good insight into each others thoughts and certainly keeps the conversation flowing.  It has been great for the kids too as they have seen two people work together yet have different lives.

We are beyond lucky to have found each other.  Even after all these years, I look at Fred and see the same young kid with long hair, big sleepy eyes and a huge grin that I first fell in love with.  Our conversations have certainly changed over the years but in many ways we are just having one endless stream that continues every day when we wake up.