will the food revolution make us thinner?

ImagesI am a huge Frank Bruni fan.  He op-ed pieces in the NY Times are all worth reading.  He speaks his mind and I like what he has to say.  He wrote a piece on June 2 called…Trimming a Fat City.  I continue to think about what he wrote. 

This is not the first time Bruni has written about obesity and weight.  Not surprising as Frank has had issues of his own with food and weight his whole life.  As a nation, 2/3 of Americans have eaten ourselves into being overweight or obese.  Two-thirds.  That is insane. 

There is no question that it began with the convenient amount of fast food, pre-made, loaded with chemicals and salt food available to us at any deli, grocery store or even gas station.  We get hungry, we just eat whatever is there.  Those heavy caloric foods have taken a toll on our bodies as well as our health system.

Bloomberg created a mild frenzy when he decided to help the situation he would just ban super sized sugary drinks.  Not so sure that was the call but he is pointing to a major problem.  Perhaps we should just tax some foods like we tax cigarettes.  If you really want those bags of Cheetos with your super-sized Sprite that is going to cost you $8 in taxes.  Certainly will make you think about grabbing that stuff from the shelf.

There is no doubt we are going through a food revolution.  People want to know what they are putting in their bodies.  The genetic engineering of food including the high fructose products as well as all the other manufactured products have probably been one of the reasons for obscure cancers and health issues that are effecting an entire generation that has no history of those diseases.  Will the conversations and desire to eat local fresh food make us thinner?  Will all those amazing food trucks we see around many urban cities where they are really choosing healthy products to make their food change our girth?  I guess if they sell smaller portions vs the super sized sandwiches we come to expect.

The other day I saw a very cool project on Kickstarter.  It was a group of young girls, sixth grade, who came up with the idea.  I loved that they were using Kickstarter as their platform to raise money.  As I scrolled down the pitch I saw a picture of the girls at the end.  Super cute photo of them all jumping in the air with big smiles on their face.  The first thing I noticed in this picture was that 80% of the girls in this photo were overweight.  I thought that these girls, at 11/12 years old are on their way to health problems and possibly diabetes. 

When I grew up there was perhaps one kid in the class that was overweight and a few that might be chubby.  I was one of the chubby ones but I was not as overweight as the girls in that picture. I had an extra 10, these girls had a good 25.  Is it that we have all decided that it is okay to be overweight?  Are we trained to just ignore the signs of long term health issues for these kids? 

I asked the people I was with what they saw in the photo.  They mentioned that it looked like a photo shoot and then I mentioned the weight.  They all looked at me and said, I saw that too but didn't want to say anything.  Bloomberg might be pissing people off with his idea about taking out small kegs of sugary drinks that are sold in extra large cups but at least he is saying something and doing something.

I have been on a diet since I was 6.  Trust me, if I ate everything I wanted to, whenever I wanted to, I would easily weigh 50 lbs more than I do now.  I don't do it because not only does it make me feel uncomfortable, it is unhealthy and ungainly. 

This is a huge topic right now and I for one am standing in the thin line.