An ode to Marion, Marvin and Nora

We lost three amazing people recently who definitely made an impact on me, although I did not know any of them personally.  Nora Epron, Marion Cunningham and Marvin Traub

Nora Ephron, the glass ceiling breaker.  A writer, chef, mother, director, playwright…a woman that was way ahead of her time and one that all women held in awe….at least I did. 

Marion Cunningham, an advocate for good home cooking.  She championed the dinner table where food was made straight from your kitchen.  She also came to her career later in her life which we can all applaud. One of my first cookbooks was Marions. 

Marvin Traub, he was Bloomingdales.  He was the briliant mind behind the creation of one of the most unique heavily curated exciting department stores in the world.  When I worked at Macys, I wanted to be Marvin Traub.

So after reading the obituaries this morning and reading about Marion and Marvin on the same day, I baked Marion Cunninghams Coffeecake (should have used a bundt pan but didn't have one). I think it is the perfect ode to three pretty amazing people who made their mark on the world or at least in my life. 

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