Another full day in Paris

I am loving the Foursquare list.  It is so easy to create an amazing list for yourself (or for other people and to see other people) in the morning and just follow your way around town during the day.  When I get back and have some down time I am going to enter all my Paris info into a huge list for other people to see. I have been compliing one for years.

The list of the day was geared towards the Left Bank.  I got up in the morning and had coffee by myself at the hotel.  Fred had a breakfast and Josh was sleeping.  Kind of nice to sit by myself drinking coffee while reading the paper.

Our first stop was a funky pastry shop called La Patisserie Des Reves.  Very modern setting for Paris. 

Trying some new museums on this trip.  This one is called Musee Mailol.  Small with really old stuff.  Not my cup of tea.

Barthelemey is one of the most amazing cheese shops in Paris, IMHO.  So tiny with an enormous selection in maybe 200 square feet.  You can smell the cheese coming around the corner.  No pics allowed which I will never understand.  We got a few goodies just to taste.

On the way to lunch, our next stop, we dropped in to this store Sentou which carries a lot of bright modern furnishings.

Lunch was next.  Cuisine de Bar located next door to Poilane Bakery.  Can't go to Paris without stopping here for lunch.  Open faced sandwiches on toasted Poilane bread with a small salad on the side tossed with a grainy mustard dressing.  I love it there.  I went with the chicken sandiwch.

A must stop is Bon Marches.  They did a major renovation.  In the front they have doubled the amount of jars that they carry of products from around the world. I could go crazy here but kind of doesn't make sense to haul bottles like this back home. 

The back of this area is fresh product, ready made foods, wines, breads, desserts etc.   An amazing place. When we lived in Paris for a month a few summers ago this was definitely our spot to shop.

Our next stop was another bakery Sadaharu Aoki, Japanese based.  Very cute.

Time to strollthrough the Luxenbourg Gardens where we sat down and just smelled the aroma of flowers.  It is so pristine and beautiful there.

This foundation is called La Fountaine Medicis.  There is no doubt that this has not changed one iota since it was built in 1862.

And we continued to walk.  Stopped in a hat store, can't recall the name but have been in there before.  One incredible hat after another.  Woudl be perfect for the Kentucky Derby.  I took a photo and they reprimanded me. 

Stopped into Pierre Hermes.  They have a double napoleon there that is probably the most decadent thing I have ever tasted.  Dark toasted pastry filled with mocha cream and a chocolate topping.  Amazing.  I grabbed a pic of that on Instagram.  This is a beautiful cake with tiny wild strawberries placed on top.  Always a line at Pierre Hermes.

Continued moving and made our way back to the other side of the Seine.  This story is called Arty Dandy located in the 6th right before we walked over the bridge.  Highly curated items.  Another no picture place. 

Exhaustion was setting in.  One of the most beautiful things about Paris is you can be walking down a small side street and turn a corner and there is a magnificent statue or even a water fountain for the birds.  I just love it here.