Girls Who Code

Please meet the next generation of the tech world.  It is these lovely young women sitting in a room in Chelsea learning how to code, think big and become engineers. 

Reshma Saujani, who founded Girls Who Code is showing all of us how to make a difference in kids lives.  She is also running for NYC public advocate.  Her passion for getting girls interested in technology and reaching across the divide is impressive…and she is making a difference doing what she talks about.  In addition to the team is Kristen Titus, the executive director, who is smart, passionate and cares deeply about making a different in others lives. 

The program is to inspire young women, 13-17 learn the skills it takes to be successful in engineering and technology now and in the future. 

There is something reminiscent of MOUSE.  They are actually going to work with MOUSE but there is something exciting and disruptive about Girls Who Code just as MOUSE was in the mid-90's. 

I believe the message to these girls should be to take what they learned and do something with it.  Your knowledge of being able to code makes you special.  You now have a skill that will help you as you move forward in your lives.  Be it working in a large company or starting your own company (after college) that you should follow your heart, follow your passions and be confident in your abilities. The sky is the limit.

If this next group of girls can walk out feeling like they rule then there is no doubt you are looking at the next generation of young women in the tech world. 



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