Gun Control

Images-1Once again we are reading about a terrible random act of violence against innocent people because someone was able to get their hands on the type of guns used to kill people not animals. 

What will it take for the Senate and the President to actually make significant changes so that the next time some upset frustrated person doesn't take their anger out by grabbing a gun? 

You would have thought that after the shooting of Gabrielle Giffords that things might have changed but no.  Will it take some random act of violence against a child of a Senator or Congressman? 

Why does the NRA have such strong influence over the Government?  Pure and simple, money and support.  No other civilized country in the world has access to arms like we do. 

I live in an urban area where there is no reason to be carrying a gun.  The thought of that just frightens me.  To believe that people carrying could be our saviors vs the armed forces is beyond scary.  The other day I read about a 3 year old that found his fathers loaded gun, pointed it at his father and it went off and killed him.  There are more stories like that then people saving themselves from some evil person with a gun.

I do understand the right to bear arms.  I do understand the desire to go hunting.  Then why doesn't the industry regulate arms from that point of view.  Do uzi shot guns and semi-automatics really fall under that category? 

My heart bleeds for the family and friends who lost a loved one randomly at the movie theater because someone came in and decided to open fire.  My heart bleeds for the wounds that must have reopened for the Columbine families, the Virginia Tech families, the families at Gabrielle Giffords rally in Arizona.  Need I go on? 

When will the change come?

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