I am a huge fan of the shared bike and car services.  It makes complete sense on so many levels particularly in urban areas.  We all need transportation but owning and housing a car that you only use on occasion is why Zipcar has been so brilliant.  Obviously the execution was quite important too but in essence Zipcar filled a void we didn't even realize was there. 

The bikes have taken over the urban cities which is a very good thing.  It is great for exercise, for the congestion of the streets and is fun to get around on.  In Copenhagen we rented bikes for a whole day and went everywhere.  It was fantastic.

Fred told me about Scootnetworks and the second I heard about it…I loved it.  Both Fred and I drive Images-1scooters around town.  Easy to use, great to get around, helps cut down on the congestion of cars in the city and gets you from place to place easily. 

Scootnetworks take the concept of Zipcar but instead of a car you use a scooter.  The tag line is "speedy, fun, electric scooters you can ride around the city".  Love that they are electric too.  

The scooters are currently in SF.  The idea is that you will be able to access the scooters and find out where they are on your iPhone or Android.  Through your phone you will GPS the one closest to you and unlock it.  There will be two helmets on the vehicle to wear.  You will be able to leave the vehicle almost anywhere because we can track where it is.  You can buy a pass like the bike system and there will be options from keeping the scooter for a few days or only one night or even just an afternoon.

I can hardly wait for them to get to NYC!  Oh yes, I did invest, how could I not?


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