the lower east side (LES) of nyc

Like all urban cities, the landscape has changed tremendously over the past decade.  When we first moved to NYC in the early 80's the lower east side was a place to find bargains.  Heavily dominated by Jewish shop owners particularly Orchard Street right around the corner from Katzs Deli.  There are a few shops left but very few.  The landscape has changed.  We even have Mile End Sandwich Shop now on the Bowery (another transformed neighborhood) which is this generations Katzs Deli. 

Jessica is spending the summer in London.  She is living in Shoreditch.  When I went to school in London that area of London was predominantly Jewish merchants very similar to the LES.  Now it is overcome with hip shops, new restaurants and galleries just like the LES.  Urban renewal. 

I have been in the city (I thought I'd be at the beach) for the last week because we moved back into our apartment, post-flood.  I spent the day with Emily on the LES.  We had lunch and shopped.  Even in the past two years there has been massive change.  You really have to hunt for an empty store front.  It is a good thing for the city and the neighborhood. 

We started with lunch at Blue Ribbon Sushi Izakaya that is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner and late night dining.  It is located inside the Thompson LES hotel.  Ten years ago nobody would have put such a beautiful hotel down there.  The menu changes with each meal.  Lunch is small but dinner is quite large.  We had a few rolls to split.

I am a huge fan of the Blue Ribbon house salad.  Carrots, avocado, chopped greens and a ginger dressing. I am also a big fan of the brothers behind Blue Ribbon.  They have quitely created an incredible empire. 

We also tried the deep fried chicken wings with a wasabi honey and chili sauce on the side.  Super crispy.

The ribs are pretty perfect.  Black vinegar and crispy rice on top…just falling off the bone.  Fred and I went back for dinner there the other night after seeing  Beasts of the Southern Wild.  The young heroine is incredible in this film.  We sat outside on the deck at the restaurant.  It is a pretty great spot.

Emily and I walked around and hit up a few stores.  I have always loved this store.  Maryam Nassir Zadeh.  A real eclectic mix of clothes and jewelry. 

We walked by Mission Chinese Food.  One of the hottest restaurant in NYC right now.  A dive.  Maybe a few seats somewhere back there. I think the best thing might be to order for delivery and go pick it up.

So many new places.  Landbrot.  German bakery and bar.  There is also one in the West Village.  The pretzels are killer. 

This store has been around for years but just as the neighborhood has evolved so has their mixture.  Great stuff.

Spiritual America is relatively new.  Nice mixture of young designers.

Iced tea
Stopped across the street for a blueberry mint iced tea.  I have had lunch here before.  Healthy well made food. I particularly love the banquette that wraps around the front window. 

Creatures ofcomfort
Creatures of Comfort is a big winner.  They have been around for a few years but the mix there is great.  The store is big and airy.  I'm a fan. 

A great day with Emily.  I always love walking around the neighborhoods of NYC.  We did it when we first got here and have not stopped since.  Watching the city change is no different than watching the new businesses emerge in tech space.  A birds eye view of the landscape of NYC at every angle keeps my mind moving.