A weekend of food. First meal

Freds family came for the weekend.  Friday night we had a few members and on Saturday everyone was going to be here.  I planned for a simple meal on the first night.  Steamed lobsters, cole slaw, tomato salad and watermelon gapazcho. 

The tomato salad is a winner even when the tomatoes are not quite at perfection.  I used four large tomatoes and a bunch of golden cherry tomatoes cut in half.  I dressed the salad about an hour and a half in advance.  Generally I dress a salad right before serving but having the tomatoes soak this up is key. 

1 Tbsp    shallots, chopped very fine
1 Tbsp    chives, chopped
1/2 Tbsp  mint,. chopped
2 Tbsp    Red Wine Vinegar
4 Tbsp    Extra Virgin Olive Oil

I made the same cole slaw I have been making for years.  Here is the recipe.  The key is really how you slice the cabbage.

The gapazho was a major ordeal.  I saw the recipe in Food and Wine.  You can access it here.  I am quite sure that I will not be making this again.  Major doctoring from salt, vinegar, sugar, onions, tabacsco etc.  People said they really liked it but just didn't do it for me.  Alas.

A few chocolate chip cookies for dessert.  I made a big batch for the weekend.  Love the summer meal.