what does re-entry look like?

ImagesI think the first time I discussed re-entry with a group of women it was when I was living in the suburbs and I was staying home with the kids.  All of us had jobs prior to having our kids and we each had decided for various reasons to stay home with the kids for a few years.  We all felt extremely lucky that we could make that choice. For some of us, it wasn't easy financially ( that was me ) while others it didn't change their financial world. 

Recently I have been thinking about that time period.  I got a letter from my niece at camp and my heart soared.  I remember when our kids were in sleep away camp and I wrote  to them literally every single day so they would get something at mail time.  I am taking out some time at the beach and when the kids were younger I parked it out here with them.  I see all the mothers out, solo, with their kids during the week having dinner and eating ice cream.  I totally remember those days.  I loved those days but there was always a piece of me that did something and kept thinking about how am I going to en-enter the working world.  I craved it.

What I craved was the conversation, the human interaction, the intellectual stimulation, the execution on projects, etc.  I definitely worked hard on filling those needs while I was home but it just isn't the same thing. 

Fast forward, I have re-entered and am loving it.  So, why do I ask the question what does re-entry look like.  I ask it because the conversation I have been having for many years with women who discuss "getting back" have a hard time getting there.  I have talked to many women who want to create businesses around helping women re-enter the work space.  What would those businesses look like?  Should they be connecting with large companies such as General Mills, American Express, Chevrolet to create momternships?  Short jobs that they can bring women back into the workforce.  Should there be community of women who are interested in that for companies of all kinds to tap into (even start-ups)?  What makes sense?

I do believe the time is ripe for something like this.  We live in a world where we can work from anywhere.  There are plenty of opportunities out there and there are plenty of brilliant women who have something to offer our economy.  Yet I continue to wonder what does re-entry really look like.  I am not so sure that someone who had spent the last ten years at home raising a family has any interest in re-entering at the same speed, level or capacity.  I believe most want to re-enter but not after having the flexibility and life that have had for the past ten years.  It is almost as if these women have been entrepreneurs for ten  years and now they are being asked if they want to go back to a structured environment.  I can't see that being a positive outcome for the majority of people. 

I am interested in hearing from everyone what they think.  What should this business look like?  Would your company be interested in tapping into this under used educated community?  Looking forward to hearing everyones thoughts.