When Strangers Click

Years ago I met Marc Weiss in my daughters Emily’s class. He was the father of one of Emily’s best friends.  We started to talk about the Internet industry.  What Marc was interested in was using the web as a platform to create discussions around social issues to create change and awareness. He had created an organization called Weblab.  I was intrigued and joined his board. He started this movement years before as the Executve Director of P.O.V. (Point of View) showcasing independent documentaries mostly dedicated towards social issues of the time.  Marc is dedicated to bring issues to the surface in a unique balanced way.  There is not only a need for people like Marc but his passion is something that you can’t help but be impressed by.

After a few years I got off the board for a variety of reasons but have kept in touch over the years.  I recently bumped into Marc and he told me about two projects he was working on.  One called Gun Stories.  Certainly guns is a very controversial topic in our country.  Marc wants to hear both sides of the story.  He even became a card carrying NRA member to understand the mentality of a world that he him himself doesn’t necessarily believe in.  Typical of Marc, dedicated to see and understand both sides of the issues regardless of his own feelings. 

The other project was called When Strangers Click.  When Strangers Click aired on HBO in February.  The show highlighted 5 relationships who met on the Internet.  Who knew that 22% of couples who met last year met online.  That is pretty amazing.  I remember when online dating started to happen.  It was and is an incredible phenomena. 

So this past weekend we watched When Strangers Click.  It is a really poignant piece of our times.  How people can find another person who is not necessarily located in their local community.  Through conversation online one can find a personal connection that they are looking for.  I really enjoyed the film.  If you get a chance, download it and watch. FYI – When Strangers Click has been nominated for an Emmy based on the fact that the stories were gathered online. Very cool. The trailer is below.



When Strangers Click: Five Stories From The… by HBO