Hurricane Sandy

We were here over a year ago during Irene.  It was not pretty.  Water came roaring into our basement and holding it at bay was not going to happen. 

Yesterday as we watched all the tracking of Sandy we knew this was going to be way worse.  Although we are located in Zone B, Zone A is literally next door.  Everyone in Zone A was evacuated.  The water began to lap over the Westside Highway from the Hudson river at high tide in the morning before the big storm even hit.  We could only imagine what was going to happen when Sandy came barreling in that evening.  In the end, we decided around 3pm to leave.

We read all the tweets, we watched the videos, we heard from our building.  Our basement was destroyed, our lobby was destroyed, my office was destroyed….and all of Manhattan from about 39th Street and down had no electricity. 

The picture above was taken from our friend and neighbor of our building last night.  It is the aftermath which is going to just be horrendous.  Two major hurricanes in NYC in just over a years time.  In a town that never sleeps and we consider the epi-center of almost everything, it is eerie and humbling to be so helpless against Mother Nature.