Women Winemakers Dinner

This summer we were drinking some Turley wines and my friend commented that women make better wines because they have better palates. She decided to create a dinner in the fall build around wines from women vintners.  The party took place in the basement tavern of the 1770 House in East Hampton

White wine
We kicked off the meal with a white from the Lopez de Heredia Tondonia Winery in Rioja.  The winery has been in the family since the middle of the 19th Century.  The current winemaker is Maria Jose Lopez de Heredia, the grand-daughter.  What was interesting about this wine is that over the course of just 20 minutes the wine changed in taste and texture. 

I enjoyed my wine with a half a dozen oysters. 

The next two wines we had were paired side by side.  There was one wine from the Burgundy region, Gevrey-Chambertin.  Having a hard time reading the label.  The story goes that this family had a very successful wine business for years.  The father and then the son took it over and their wines were just not that good.  They gave the daughter a shot and the entire business changed.  This particular wine was really good.  Clean, flavorful and just easy going down. 

We had this next to a pinot noir from Penner-Ash.  The winemaker, Lynn Penner, had always had a passion for making wine.  She worked at Stags Leap and the Rex Hill Winery in Oregon before opening up her own winery.  A rich wine that definitely got better once it had opened up. 

Had a few spicy green chili chicken wings for the table to share.

The burger is the thing to get in the tavern. 

We also had the menu from upstairs to choose from.  Little too heavy for me, at least that night.  I had the suckling pig with celery root puree, roasted carrots, cabbage and a spicy jus.  I could have easily shared this.

More wines. Olga Raffault, 2007 Chinon.  Located in the Savigny-en-Veron district.  Originally run by Olga who died a few years ago is now run by her grand-daughter Sylvie and her husband. 

Martinelli.  This vineyard sits next to the Turley vineyard.  They became friends and now work together.  Helen Turley makes amazing wines.

Nothing like a cheese plate at the end of the evening.  I could just keep it to myself.

Of course a little ice cream with candle in it for the birthday crew.  Fun event.  Didn't love any of the wines but had a great time and loved the whole concept. 

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