Delaneys BBQ

This past summer we had a party through Kitchensurfing at our house and the chef was Dan Delaney.

The brisket was amazing and so was everything else.  Fast forward Dan opens a restaurant, Delaney BBQ, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  He is such a great loveable entrepreneur and we invested in his vision.  This past week we tried out the wares.  I can honestly say that his brisket is the best brisket I have ever had, hands down.  That says a lot coming from a jewish girl.  The pork ribs were also killer.  He has mastered the Texas style BBQ in NY.

The place is set up just like a Texas BBQ.  Cafeteria style for drinks and food.  Take your seat and enjoy the evening.  He opened to the public this past Friday night.  Get there early.  He has not exactly figured out the demand yet as he sold out in three hours the first night.  Crazy.  There is also catering available.