Question of the week #10

ImagesCan you elaborate on
your perspective on raising a family in NYC? Do you regret leaving the city for
the suburbs prior to being in your current financial position?

love this question.  You can think of us
as ahead of the curve or crazy for moving our kids back to the city at 8, 6 and
3 years old.  For us it was a dream come

moving back, there is not a day where I am not grateful for living in NYC.  For our kids there are a million reasons why
it has been a wonderful place to raise them. 
Here are just a few. 

have been exposed to a diverse culture of people, food, religions, economic
differences and life choices living in downtown NYC and going to Little Red
Elisabeth Irwin.  They have been
empowered and independent since they began walking to school on their own from end of 5th grade.  They learned to be
street smart when it comes to making decisions when one has to navigate a
city.  They were able to embrace the
cultural events, the latest store, movie or restaurant because they were
curious about what was happening in their own town and the streets they were
walking every day.  They have watched a
neighborhood transform and with that comes a better understanding of how
economies change and capitalism works. 

we never returned from the suburbs then all 3 of them would probably have been
different kids.  I can always find the
good in anything and we would have been just fine in the suburbs but regardless of our financial success, which allowed us to make the move back, I am not so
sure we would have survived there.  We
probably would have figured a way back before anyone ever graduated from high
school.  It wasn’t for us.  When I look back at that time period,
although we made some incredible friends and those were wonderful years with
the kids, I was probably depressed.  I
just was not that happy being me. 

they grew up quicker because of living in NYC. 
Perhaps they are more sophisticated at a young age because they grew up
in NYC.  But the bottom line is, happy
parents make happy kids.  We are happy
here.  We love this town like no other
and if you ask our kids what is the best decision we ever made for them in their
entire lives it would be making the move back to NYC.