Question of the week #9

Images-2After all the talk last week about the storm, let's turn our thoughts to food.  I have combined two questions together this week because they work well together.

How did you get your kids so interested in food? 

What are your favorite go to recipes for dinner that are quick and healthy?

Food has always been an important part of my life.  My Mom was an excellent cook and my Grandmother was an excellent baker.  Even my father's mother had her special recipes she would make when she visited like kreplach and blintzes.  Making good food has always been part of my life which includes spending time in the kitchen. 

When the kids were young they always saw me making dinner.  What I made that night was what we ate.  There were no exceptions.  If you didn't like it, you didn't eat.  I was not a short-order chef.  Granted there are some things that they kids might really dislike but the rule is that you must give it a try.  I never really made food that was so out there that the kids had no interest.  I stuck to the basics and gradually added a little more depth as they got older such as brisket. 

I also engaged the kids in the process.  Having them help me make the meal, bake the cookies, set the table, clear the table etc.  That is probably why all three of our kids enjoy cooking and baking…and of course good food. 

I really cook healthy and simply.  I make a protein and a vegetable.  When the kids were younger I used to also make a starch but at one point I stopped doing that but have brought it back into the mix for Josh and Fred. 

Here are a few of my standards:

Roasted chicken with roasted vegetables and rice or broiled chicken.

Marinated hanger steak, large green salad and roasted potatoes on the side or pan-fried brussel sprouts.

Roasted pork loin with onions and apples with roasted broccoli and cauliflower on the side.

Bottom line, I mix it up depending on what it is in season and what everyone is in the mood for.  The dishes are easy to make.  Once in awhile I get creative making a stir-fry or a pasta sauce but on a day to day basis I go simple, fresh and easy.