silver linings

I am absolutely an eternal optimist.  I see the glass always full.  I am totally bummed, disoriented and disconnected about #sandy but I am quite aware how much better off I am than many others.  Bottom line, there is nothing like home. 

I was on the phone with Rick of Ricks Picks and I told him about the apartment that I found for the next few weeks.  When I opened the refrigerator door there was a bottle of Ricks Picks staring straight out at me.  He called it a silver lining.  I could not agree more so this post is about silver linings.

We were lucky to have a place to stay the entire week of Sandy.  Good friends with extra rooms goes a very long way. 

We were lucky that we only lost stuff.

Hearing from so many people reaching out to see if we were ok reminds all of us how friends and family are truly the most important thing. Everything else comes in second.

I will slowly be getting back into the thick of things but am definitely going to take my time rushing.