some of the aftermath of Sandy

Downtown NYC feels almost apocalyptic.  The streets are empty, the stores are all closed, there are a few retaurants here and there that have managed to open but basically everything is shut down.  We are all hoping for electricity to be restored by the weekend.  I am sure once it is the streets will be teeming with people. 

For us, we will more than likely be living somewhere else for sometime.  We are so fortunate that we have friends we are staying with.  There are actually two families staying with them.  Chris from Kitchensurfing sent over Antonio Ortuno last night who made us a delicious Spanish feast (sans garlic of course).  We have had so many gracious offers from many people in our community from their apartments to a meal.  Having those offers is beyond appreciated and warms our hearts. 

Feeling displaced is not a good feeling.  The realization of that has just begun to take place. For the people who are not as fortunate as we are to have a place to stay and food on the table, my heart goes out to them.  If you want to help and can here are a few places that I have seen that are hopefully making a difference.

Here are some organizations that are providing help for those in need:

The Food Bank for New York City (text FBNYC to 50555 to make a donation from your mobile device)
The American Red Cross
The Salvation Army
The Humane Society
North Shore Animal League
New York Cares (text iCARE to 85944 to donate $10 from your mobile device)
The Bowery Mission (text BOWERY to 20222 to make a donation from your mobile device)