What’s left after Hurricane Sandy

We are still not back in our place and probably won't be until December or possibly January.  Once we move back in everything will basically go back to normal.  For the people who have lost their homes in areas of New Jersey, Staten Island and Brooklyn life will never just go back to normal.  Their homes are simply gone.

When you see the photos of these homes you can see that there is nothing left to build on, no repairs to be done.  These homes will have to be bulldozed.  Then what?  Many of the people who owned these homes did not have flood insurance.  Where do they rebuild?  Do they rebuild homes in an area that could easily be destroyed by a hurricane again next year? 

I do not know what the worth of these homes prior to the hurricane but here is what I would propose.  Perhaps the Federal Government could come up with a proposal for each of those individual plots of lands and buy each owner out.  It would have to be enough money for each family to relocate easily.  Then take those large tracts of land that have now become part of the shoreline and create national parks.  Parks that can take the wrath of another Sandy.  Parks that can embrace Mother Nature without leaving costly clean-ups and devastation. 

I feel absolutely terrible for every individual who has been literally taken by surprise but pouring money into their properties does not make sense for anyone.  It is a time to think with our heads not with our hearts.