Holiday Cards?

We have been sending holiday cards out for decades.  The list gets longer and longer every year.  I love seeing cards pour in from new friends and old friends.  The last few years we have used Red Stamp to send out our cards on paper.  I am contemplating doing an ecard through Red Stamp but might just stick with the postcard.  The reason is that if the card goes to the head of the household then the rest of the family might not see the card. We put them in a big bowl and everyone looks for the new cards every day.

Bottom line, I am using Red Stamp.  Why Red Stamp?  In full disclosure I am an investor so that is of course one reason.  I can support a woman-led business.  It only costs me $1.19 per postcard including postage.  I can send an eco-friendly card.  You get to create a fantastic card on their app be it on your iPhone, the web and also iOS.  You could also support Donors Choose using their app.  BTW, Red Stamp will print and mail your cards for you.  I did that last year.  Brilliant.  Made my life so easy. 

It couldn't be easier to create a card that represents you and hit send…and Red Stamp helps you manage your correspondence.  The new app launched this weekend.  They are in public beta although many have been using the iPhone app for awhile now they have spread their wings and added other functions on other platforms.  You don't only have to use this app for the holidays, it was the number one downloaded app last Valentines Day.  You can send a card or a photo on a beautiful card any day, any time, anywhere.  Modern correspondence at our finger tips.