Question of the week #13

Images-2I did not do a question last week…I need more so please send them my way through the link on my blog.  I have been a question a week in the WSJ.  They are all based on the start-up business.  The question this week has zero to do with the start-up world.  Here it is:

How the heck do you stay so trim and
fit when you eat out like this so often? It's just mind-boggling to me
and every time I read one of these blogs, I think, "how does she do it?

This past week I had my annual physical.  I have weighed the same thing every year for the past 4 years.  It made me laugh because I am dieting daily so I guess it is working.  That is probably the key.  I  always want to lose 10 lbs.  I believe that is part of my annual New Years resolution.  I am not a thin long legged girl but a short stocky girl…and that is not something that can be changed. I have come to terms with it.

So how do I not weigh 300 lbs?  I exercise but not like a crazy person.  I hurt myself a year ago so twice a week I do boring isometric type exercises for an hour.  At the end of the day it all comes down to what you put in your mouth.  Not always but I do try and make the right decisions when ordering at a restaurant and cooking dinner.  I don't order pasta, I don't order dessert, I don't eat the bread, I don't order the saucy rich dish, etc.  I might take a bite of someones dish but I don't eat it myself.  When I desire something I eat it but most times I just stick to three meals a day, no snacks except for fruit and the ever ending desire to stop when I'm full.  If it wasn't for the alcohol consumption which I do nightly I'd probably lose that 10 lbs but that goes under the life is too short title.