Back to our home

Imgres-2Around 430 yesterday afternoon I was told we could spend the night in our apartment.  We have been living and sleeping somewhere else for eleven weeks.  I know there are others that are not as lucky as we are to be back in our home or will never be able to go back to their home.  Mother nature is not to be taken lightly.  

The frustration, the anxiety, the feeling of being out of it has weighed heavily on all of us since this began. I am disgusted with almost every organization that was supposedly the people who help in times like this.  I am so grateful for the people who actually got us in, took control of the situation, pushed to make things happen and get us back in our home.  It is amazing to me that anyone would question their integrity.  Bad situations where money is involved brings out the worse in people.  It is not pretty. 

I missed my bed, my kitchen, my pots and pans, my couch, our dog, my office and my day to day life.  In general I am a pretty upbeat positive person but this past year of floods and displacement took a toll on me.  I am getting slowly getting my mojo back and sleeping in my own bed last night is a step in the right direction.