Tasting day  The brilliance of this company is the curated products ( as well as other things ) but everything is fantastic.  They have searched high and low for the best products.  Many of these companies might have websites but the chance that you might find them are slim to none.  When you can go to Mouth and spend time seeing each individual product that appeals to you and just popping it into your box is a dream. 

I went over to visit the office of on Friday.  Friday is key because it is tasting day.  I got to taste a variety of products.  I seriously love this stuff. 

I was telling my brother about the site and he went on it while we were on the phone.  He did what we have seen most customers do, hang out.  The products are amazing.  You can not help oohing and aahing and buying.  They have aggregated the most incredible chocolate, jerky, pickles, jellies, etc on the web.  There is a lot more coming in the next year too.  Shipments on the way out.

New york mouth
Great for gifts, great for yourself.  I am absolutely sending out the Valentines Gifts in the next week from