MOUSE celebrating 15 years

MouseLast night I went to a dinner to pass the wand at Mouse.  After ten years the Executive Director, Carole Wacey, has moved on to her next career
move.  In 15 years she was one of two Executive Directors.  The first, Sarah Holloway, who is the Co- founder had that role for 5 years.  Both of those women IMHO are truly  accredited to the success of MOUSE. A new person has been hired to lead the next
charge.  He has big shoes to fill but I am pretty confident that he will bring MOUSE to the next level of excellence.

I was the first Chairperson and I am incredibly proud of
the foundation that I helped build.  Altough I am not on the board I have always stayed very close to MOUSE.  Mouse is and has always been a lean
organization with a group of talented individuals who are top of their field.  It is another key to MOUSE's success.

I know this group well. They are a part of my life that is
near and dear to my heart like no other.  They are friends, colleagues
and people who care just as passionately as I do about education and

On May 20 MOUSE is holding their 15th year anniversary party. I
am beyond humbled to be the honoree of this event.  I have never been
honored before as I am not sure being honored is my thing but for this and my
involvement for the past 15 years I said yes.

So mark the date May 20.    The amount of children that MOUSE has
touched is staggering and I can't help but feel incredibly humbled to be
chosen as the person to head up their 15 year anniversary celebration.