Question of the week #19

ImgresThis is a good one.  

If you look back at who you were at 17
or so, and what you expected in your life, are you still "the same
person" inside? Is your life fundamentally what you hoped for, or is it
dramatically different?

I really do believe that fundamentally I am the same person inside as I was at 17.  I recently met with an old boyfriend who I had not seen since I was 20.  He emailed me the next day to say that I am the exact same person and he meant that in a very good way.  Phew.  

I was not a great student but I was always competitive and driven to financial success.  I came from an upper middle class family and my parents got divorced while I was in High School.  Money was always an overlying issue.  My father thought my mother spent too much and my mother thought he was cheap.  She went on to make a small fortune after their divorce in order to live the financial life she wanted to live.  Having lived through that most definitely made an impact on me in terms of my desires to have large financial independence.  Did I think that I'd be as financially success as we are?  Not so sure but then again not so sure I knew the dollars and cents as much as I knew how I wanted to live my life.

Career-wise I always thought I'd grow up to run a multi-billion dollar company that I had built from scratch.  I always had a head for business and actually management too.  One of my all time favorite jobs was being the assistant store manager at the New Rochelle Macys store.  I managed 1/3 of the store and loved it.  I loved the interaction with the people, helping them grow in their careers and at the same time making an impact on the growth of the business.  I was well suited to it.  

Yet there are some things that are different which I think comes with age and success.  I make decisions differently as I do not need to get so bogged down in the details.  I feel more confident about decisions that I make.  I understand that with financial success comes with its own bag of responsibilities and it is not always easy going about that.  Saying no to anything from a charity to investments is constant.  I try to stick to the high road and keep my compass the same as it has always been but that takes work.  

I am feel incredibly lucky for the life we have created for ourselves and our children.  I got what I wanted. A great husband, wonderful children, a life in NYC and the financial flexibility to do certain things.  I wanted that at 17 but pretty sure that I could not articulate it like I can today but internally it was definitely what I was hoping for.