I just got back from a long weekend in Utah skiing.  I plan on going back out there for almost 3 weeks in March.  That has to do with the kids and their different vacations. 

I learned to ski when I was in seventh grade.  The school would take us on these Friday night trips to Roundtop where the snow was ice and we skied under lights.  It was honestly miserable but at that age I thought it was awesome.  I continued to go on those kind of trips through high school.  Some of the trips were long weekends and I sometimes went with friends families for long vacations.  I still wear the ski sweater I bought when I was 14 when I ski.  They just don't make them like that anymore.

Fred is a skier and so when we got together skiing was just part of our journey.  We would take at least a one week a year and go skiing.  We raised our kids to love being on the mountain be it skiing or boarding.  As a family, it is really one of the nicest ways to spend a vacation.  Everyone is active and everyone is exhausted by early evening.  It is just fun.

This weekend we had a crew of people out, our friends and Josh's friends.  It was amazing.  I have also come to realize that in another life I might have run quite a bed and breakfast.  Cooking three meals a day and a few desserts here and there makes me absolutely happy. I am probably the most relaxed.

Back to NYC this week but I am still feel that feeling of just having my batteries recharged and it feels really nice.