Food has become much more than three meals a day


Someone sent me this map from Rosenheim Advisors.  It is hard to read on my blog but the amount of companies in the food space is jaw-dropping and I am sure some are missing.  What would be interesting to know is how many of them started in the past 5 years.

Cooking communities, content creators, commerce, restaurant and mobile online ordering, reservations, loyalty programs….need I go on?  These businesses are changing the way we think about food.  They are also creating a jobs for the economy. 

Hot Bread Kitchen runs a food incubator program.  I have watched the applications over the past three years change significantly.  The application pool gets stronger every time and with that comes success.  Companies that are accepted go through a curriculum that really helps each entrepreneur educate themselves about how to grow their business.  Soon there will be another one from 3rd Ward.  As Craig Kanarick of Mouthfood said to me, "food is the new black".  It appears from this map that he is spot on.

The good news is that as consumers we can become more educated about what we are eating.  Companies like How Good are making that happen.  The next step is making sure that proper distribution of healthy foods are making their way into underserved neighborhoods. Having access to the huge range of verticals within the food space is a good thing for education to access to what we eat daily.  Impressive.