Hiho Batik

Hiho Batik is a one of a kind store in Park Slope.  It is not only a retail store selling unique handmade one of a kind batik designed clothing it is always a great place for a party. 

The store is happy.  The place is bright, organized, fun and unique.  I love this mural of brownstones on the wall when you enter the store.

In the back is an area for events.  Might seem like the perfect party place for kids from 6-9 where they get to be totally creative making their own personal shirt but adults have taken the place over too.  A few bottles of wine, some good food, a empty slate of a t-shirt to be creative on. 

When I was a kid my Mom would throw us tie-dye parties.  She would create a few vats of dye.  We would each get a t-shirt and rubberbands.  We'd each wrap the t-shirt randomly with rubberbands.  The dye would not go through the rubberbands so that would be the white area.  We'd dry them and then she'd wash them to set.  At Hiho it is similar in concept but here you use wax and brushes,  Lots more professional. 

Great concept for a store.  Don't be surprised to see Hiho take this show on the road.