Question of the week #21

ImgresFor any of you reading, I need more questions!

One of the most frequently asked questions I get when people ask me about the companies that I have invested in is, what is your favorite investment.  I always answer the same, I have no favorites, I love them all. With that being said, here is a good question for this week. 

what are the business types/trends that you see getting really exciting in 2013?

We are already almost to months in to 2013 but I am definitely seeing some interesting changes in the ecommerce world.  I have a few investments in the pipeline around this platform.  I really believe that the big brands that will make an impact in the ecommerce world are platforms where they are going after a certain segment of the population as in you can't be everything to everyone.  I also believe there is a balance between online and brick and mortar.  I have written about this before, I like the models where 15% is brick and mortar and 85% is ecommerce.  There is something to be said for an extension of a brand where you can see it and touch it in markets that might have the most traffic. 

I do believe a key factor in 2013 is revenue.  In order to get funding and a real look from investors you have to prove a revenue model.  I don't think anyone is interested in figuring out what to do with all the eye balls as they were in the past.

Lots of changes in the consumer product markets from food to organic to no chemicals.  The issue with that is those businesses have a hard time getting funding.  They need to hit a certain mark before a good amount of capital comes rolling in the door.  Perhaps places like Circle-up and other consumer product incubators with cash will change how that industry grows.  I hope so.

More heatlh care, more education and more banking start-ups.  Hoping that one day we won't have to carry cash or even a credit card.  We will see.