Question of the Week #22

ImgresMotivation comes from within.  Everyone runs at a different pace.  Some work better when they are pushed into the corner and have to get something done with very little time left.  Others jump in the minute a project is put in front of them.  That tees it up for the question of the week.

Have you ever felt unmotivated in any
aspect of your life? I often wonder whether theres a diff bet. those
that seem to have endless amounts of energy and those that don't. Some
of it, I'm sure, has to do with doing what you're passionate about.

When I was in college I worked for the engineer company Bolt Beranek and Newman (BBN).  My father is an engineer and recommended that I apply for a security clearance with the Government because I could work in certain departments in an engineering company during college as they were always looking for people with security clearances.  Through him I got a part-time job during the week at BBN in their research department.  They had rooms of endless information in huge books that were checked out by engineers working on Government backed projects.  Having a security clearance gave me the ability to handle the books. 

There are two things that stick in my mind from the experience.  The first is that without fail a few days before a project was due engineers would come out of the woodwork.  The place would be packed.  These were projects that were assigned months and months ago sometimes years.  It seemed to me that everyone there just waited until the last minute.  That was the culture and pace. 

The second was the summer job at BBN.  They hired me full time to work the summer between my sophomore and junior year.  It paid good money.  The first day of my first week my boss gave me a project.  I don't remember what it was but I do remember that I finished the entire project by 2 in the afternoon.  I reported back to her and she was aghast.  She told me that she thought that project would last me at least a week.  I realized that the only way this was going to work is if I could figure out how to work slower.  It was impossible.  I ended up leaving and working at another engineering firm where they let me be on the grounds crew mowing lawns.  One of the best jobs I ever had but that is another story for another time. 

The other night I was speaking with Gabe Stulman, an amazing enterpreneur.  He has built 6 restaurants in the past 3 1/2 years, got married and had a child.  As he puts it, an aggressive pace.  I can totally relate to it.  I love an aggressive pace.  As Fred has said, if I put up a lemonade stand on Monday I would have a chain by Friday.  It is how my mind works. 

So to answer the question… energy, passion and motivation come from within.  It is part of someones make-up.  I have personally never felt unmotivated by anything that has come across my path.  Yet never say never.