Quarterly Co

The Quarterly Co is a quarterly subscription service that sends you curated picks from the contributors of your choice.  It is unique and creative.  I honestly could have subscribed to more than one.  Some of the curators are Food52, Josh Rubin & Evan Orensten from Cool Hunting (something I read daily), Pharrell Williams (musician/entrepreneur), Liz Danico professor extraordinaire/co-founder of the MFA interaction design program and blog Bobulate.  Really interesting creative people.

I signed up for the Food52 quarterly.  I got my first box yesterday.  Both product total winners.  Iberico Ham that can be bought at The Rogers Collection and a roll of linen cocktail napkins that can be bought at Buy My Drap.  I am a huge fan of these napkins and have them in bulk for the summer.  The concept of the box this month is to go on a picnic.

It was a nice surprise to get in the mail.  Looking forward to the next treat.