Chelsea Market

Num pang
Chelsea Market has evolved into a pretty remarkable place.  The Nut Box just opened a huge retail space right next door to Num Pang Sandwich Shop.  This is Num Pangs second shop.  Both great additions.  But the absolute best addition is the reopening of the Lobster Place.  

The two guys behind the Lobster Place have done an incredible job.  Super smart well thought out flow.  If you want to know how to build a market where people can also sit down and enjoy the wares this is it.  Very European. I also love the black chalkboard feel with white print.

In the back right corner is the Shack to take out.

The sushi area.  You can sit at the bar, take it to go or just watch.  Around the parameter of the area are Japanese products to buy.

People love to eat lobsters here.  This is great.  All different sizes of steamed lobsters. 

Next to the lobsters is a standing area to dig in and eat your lobster.

Oysters?  You name if they have it.  Sit down and enjoy. 

There are other random areas to sit.  Products are sprinkled around each location too.  Here is one of the cases filled with herring.  They also sell really fresh beautiful raw fish to take home and cook for dinner.

Next door they have built a restaurant called Cull & PIstol, an oyster bar.  I had lunch there. Terrible picture but the vibe in there is warm and inviting.  A cool fish shack.

Really good oysters.

Lobster roll
My friend had a lobster roll with old bay fries. 

I went for the whole fish. 

For dessert they serve a little scoop of gelato as part of your meal.  This was creamsickle. I brought Fred back to take a look en route to dinner that night.  Looking forward to returning for dinner very soon.