Native Commerce and Have to Have

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It is really exciting seeing companies grow and evolve.  Each company
I am involved with each move forward in different directions yet the
platform/foundation of the build out is very similar at the beginning
stage no matter what. 

Have to Have has moved into an arena that
I am so excited about.  They have built a native commerce platform.  The native commerce platform recommends products to you that are personalized and contextually relevant.  In
essence a commerce enabling platform that enhances revenue dollars to
publishers, brand and ecommerce sites.   The Have to Have native commerce units are contextually relevant and
blend with the look and feel of the publisher's site.  Think of this as
native advertising that is shoppable and visual.  The next version of
the pop-up ad

The platform provides actionable insights to brands (trends, demand,
etc.) which enables them to better merchandise and increase their
sell-thru rate across platforms (mobile, tablet, desktop). They have built the technology so companies
across the globe can log in and plug the widget into their site with a
click of a finger.  The more you use the platform the better the
technology gets for each user as the information gets processed in a way
to drive the right information to the end consumer.  It works
seamlessly on any platform. The product can help monetize the intent to buy that they create.  It's a monetization unit for every brand.

The conversations we were having
twelve months ago are completely different than the conversations we are
having today.  I walked away from the last meeting so psyched.  There
is nothing like watching an entrepreneur ( there are two at Have to Have
) get excited about the company they are building, the product they
have figured out and the opportunites that lay ahead. 


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