Question of the week #29

ImgresI am definitely thinking about our future.  Soon we will be empty nesters and what will that mean.  Not only what will our life look like but what opportunities migtht I be tempted to go after. It is fitting that this is the question of the week.

Aside from investments, have you ever been tempted to start a company? In what industry? For what purpose?

I have been tempted to start a company many times.  I still have a passion for the brick and mortar space.  I have always wanted to open a place that is a life style store around food.  A place where people can pick up their goodies to make or buy something already made.  A place that serves three meals included snacks but is mellow and communal.  The restaurant that sits inside a deli/store that also sells art and trays. 

The reality is I know exactly the time and energy that I'd have to put into it.  It might happen it might not.  Never say never.  Right now I am working on the businesses that I have invested in and thinking about how we will have complete flexibility in our lives in another year or so and what will that mean. 

One step at a time.