Red Stamp is acquired by The Occasions Group

I have been involved as an advisor/investor in Red Stamp for quite awhile.  Erin Newkirk, the entrepreneur behind Red Stamp, was and is an avid reader of my blog and sought me out to discuss Red Stamp.  She has been an absolute delight to work and I include Dan Wick, her CTO in that. 

We had so many conversations over the years on what the future in modern correspondence would look like.  What partners would Red Stamp work with?  What would separate Red Stamp from the crowd?  Similar conversations take place in all start-ups and it is gratifying when they come to fruition.  Being at a board meeting and realizing that the conversation and thoughts we had two years ago are now taking place is exhilarating.  It is always a good sign and it makes everyone involved feel great.

Red Stamp just announced yesterday that the Occasions Group has acquired them.  I am so happy for the team.  It could not have been a more perfect match.  Red Stamp is located in Minneapolis and so is the Occasions Group.  Red Stamp is providing a whole new look into the world of technology, a piece that The Occasions Group was looking for as they have been in this space for decades.  A great marriage.

Red Stamp's app is one of the top 1% lifestyle apps in the Apple Store.  Just a little information on both companies below:

About Red Stamp

Stamp is a social commerce startup that has forever changed the
conversation in correspondence.  Over 1.25 million users strong, Red
Stamp is best known for its award-winning, top 1% lifestyle app in
Apple’s App Store, with over 1,000 designs that can be personalized with
photos + text and then shared from your mobile device and/or desktop
computer via Chrome and Safari {Internet Explorer and Firefox support
coming soon!} in a multitude of ways :: texts, tweets, emails,
Instagram, Facebook, paper postcards and soon to be printed cards in
envelopes.  Red Stamp is on a mission to make relationships stronger,
one personalized post at a time. Join in at and go to the App Store and download the App on to your IOS device.

About The Occasions Group

Occasions Group is focused on being the first choice in personalized
communications for life events. The organization creates and provides
products, services and opportunities that connect people and grow
relationships, including helping customers express their uniqueness and
connect with friends, family or customers. The Occasions Group helps
people celebrate millions of life events and occasions each year.


Bravo to the team.  I am excited about having my first exit and thrilled that I have been part of the Red Stamp history to date.  Looking forward to watching the next stage of the companies development.