Creative Minds

Black-grey-white-stripesBeing involved with start-up companies has given me the ability meet a lot of really creative people.  Those creative minds have the thinking that anything is achievable.  Their curious nature pushes them to always be thinking about solutions.  Black and white ideas do not exist but there is always an ever flowing grey area. 

I have been working on a real estate project this summer.  We had to hire an architect.  I am good at process and not good at process.  The architect we hired is completely creative as every project that he has done looks uniquely different.  There is a process to building something from scratch.  It ebbs and flows.  There are weeks where nothing seems to be happening but then before you know it the next week is a total creative break out and it all comes together.  I appreciate it yet I admit I get frustrated by the slow pace of the process. 

I see the same creativity in many companies that I am involved with.  The process of building something from scratch takes time.  Some weeks there is this force holding movement forward and then one day everything begins to ramp up.  It is exhilarating and frustrating. 

In the midst of creativity there needs to be someone leading the process with a business head.  The process of building a companies foundation is exciting and thoughtful with an edge towards creativity but there needs to be someone among that who has the black and white brain.  The brain that drills down on systems that work, the one that looks at timing and milestones that must be met, the one that can manage the reality of the creative process. 

There is something to be said for having a balance between a creative mind and a business mind when a company is being built or a project is taking place.  Mutual respect among those two minds, to me, can be the key to achieving really great things.  There are very few people that are both creative with a black/white business brain. 

How people think and process is fascinating.  Watching it and being part of many of these creative processes has been an incredible education.  I definitely lean towards the black and white world so being part of a little grey these days is a very good thing.