Own a piece of Ricks Picks

The game is changing thanks to the Jump Start our Business Startups (JOBS) Act.  This change of an 80 year old law will change the way start-ups are financed lowering the barriers for investors.  I believe it is a great thing for the economy and for potential investors keeping in mind that there are risks involved but there is also the upside of rewards.

I have written about Ricks Picks before.  I have been an investor in Rick for more almost seven years.  I know more about pickling, packaging, shelf placement, in house marketing dollars and flavors than I ever expected but that is what is wonderful about being an investor.  Doesn't hurt that I get to taste the wares.

Rick is raising on Circleup, a crowd funding platform geared towards consumer products.  I am a huge fan of the company as they are truly filling a void in the marketplace for companies that start with some money from friends and family but are not doing $10m in business where they can get private equity funding. 

If you are an accredited investor and interested in being a part of Ricks Picks click here.  I am excited about then next phase of Ricks Picks.