Every year we can tomatoes.  It is worth the time and energy to taste summer sometime in the winter.  It is a lot of tomatoes to be peeled for not a lot of sauce.

This year we took 12 pounds of tomatoes and peeled them.  Blanch them in boiling water and the skin will easily peel off. 

Then in a huge deep pot I put all the tomatoes in and turned the heat on low, put in some kosher salt and a few leaves of basil and just let it simmer until they completely fell apart.  Afterward we put them in large jars and sealed them shut.

We also took a bunch of cherry tomatoes and tossed them with olive oil and kosher salt.  We roasted them at 350 until they browned and then turned down the temperature to 250 until they dried out.  Put all of them in a large jar, filled with some olive oil and sealed shut.

Not a lot but always an annual must.