A House in the Sky, A Memoir; Amanda Lindhout and Sara Corbett

Cvr9781451651720_9781451651720_hrOnce in awhile I read a book that I just can’t put
down.  I stayed up until almost 130 a few
nights just to finish the book. 

I had read about A House In the Sky in all the magazines
that came out in September; Elle, Vogue, etc. 
It is the story of a young woman, Amanda Lindhout, who is kidnapped and held for ransom in

She finally told her story to a journalist, Sara Corbett, who she connected with through colleagues a few years later.  The book
is really well written and flows easily. 
It begins when Amanda was a young girl so the reader can learn about the life she grew up
in that perhaps influenced the decisions she made later in life.  Her parents were divorced and her
mother ended up with a slew of not very nice men who lived with them.  Her father came out of the closet and lived
with a guy and she visited them often. 
She went from a house that was stable, her father, on the weekends to her Moms
house that was frenetic and always on edge. 
Money was tight.  She spent time
coveting National Geographics with this dream that she would travel the globe at one point.

Eventually she began to travel.  She would make enough money as a waitress in
high end clubs and then take off anywhere from a few months to a year.  She became bolder on where she would go as
the years continued.  There are many
other travelers, like herself, that she met and knew on the road.  Eventually she began to write and take
photographs and get paid as a journalist including media stations. Even though
she traveled everywhere she was naïve.  She
was a free spirit that didn’t really educate herself on the politics of each
country. She felt invincible. 

She ends up going to Somalia thinking that she could take
great pictures and write about something that would be a game changer for her
career.  Instead she gets kidnapped with a
prior boyfriend after being there for only two days.

Amanda ended up being held for ransom for a year and a
half.  The story shares all the thoughts
going through her head, the terrible things that happened to her, how the body
dislocates from the mind in terrible circumstances.  It is an unbelievable story.  It is truly amazing she is alive today.  It took her years to recover.

Highly recommend the book. A story of courage and resilience.