Donna Tartt, The Goldfinch

Donna Tartt's, The Secret History, definitely goes under the listing of one of my favorite books.  It is one of the few books that the entire family has read, some of us several times over.  

Tartt's second book, The Little Friend, was disappointing.  Tartt has been consistent in writing one book every ten years so I was thrilled when that book came out after savoring The Secret History for years.

The Goldfinch takes her story telling to a whole other level.  The book is beautifully written including well researched.  I finished the book but am looking forward to reading it again.  I rarely read a book a second time.  I can literally go over the book in my head as if I am recalling a movie I saw.  She describes each character, each city, each painting, each meal in such a way that I can visualize everything.  

The story is long yet it goes too quick.  It is an amazing book and one that I will continue to think about until I dive back into to the book again.