The Commons of Pensacola at MTC

CommonsJessica and I went to see The Commons of Pensacola, the latest production at MTC starring Blythe Danner and Jessica Sarah Parker.   The play was written by Amanda Peet, her debut as a playwright. 

The play centers around the new home of Judith located in the Gulf Coast of Florida.  Judith is the mother who had lived quite a life before her husband lost millions of his clients money through a supposed ponzi scheme.  The play essentially is about the Madoff scandal and what it would be like to be the wife and the daughters, supposedly victims too, of their father/husband. 

The writing is clever and humorous yet there are so many dysfunctional things going on in this family regardless of the challenges that life has brought for them.  In the aftermath of this huge scandal there have been a few novels written with the Madoff family in mind.  Even Mrs Madoff and her son have appeared on Sixty Minutes to let the public get a look at what their life is now and their own personal remorse for something they supposedly knew nothing of.  An interesting topic to pick. 

More important, Parker and Danner are wonderful to watch.  Both superb actresses that work well together.  Seeing them act in such a small setting is alone worth going to see.  Two icons of acting are always worth seeing live.