It’s a big day today

264_1008328852976_1680_nToday is a big day.  

Jessica moves into her own place in Brooklyn with some great friends.  One she has known since the fourth grade.  I am a huge fan of both of them.  

People ask the obvious, how do you feel about it?  Are you sad?  

There is no doubt that this is a big milestone for her and for us.  I am so happy for her.  She is moving into her own life as she should.  She will have her own place that represents her own sense of style, her own roof, her own stuff, her own everything.  After being in college for four years including many summers away to have to come back and live under our roof can't be fun.  Not that she doesn't come and go as she pleases.  Not that she is more than welcome to have dins with us whenever she wants with access to a full refrigerator ( well not always ).  Laundry gets done, room gets cleaned but so what.  

I never returned home after I left my sophomore year.  I came home freshman summer but that was it.  Maybe it was a different time but I also did not grow up in NYC.  I hda no interest returning to the DC area where my Mom lived.  

Fred and I moved in together our second semester of our senior year and never looked back.  We settled in NYC after traveling cross country the summer we graduated college.  We found an apartment and began our adult life.  

I can hardly wait to be invited to dinner at Jessica's new place.  I am helping with the move tomorrow.  I might get a little teary but honestly I could not be happier for her.